Brussels is a city that never stops surprising. Its mythical round-cobblestone Grand-Place, a Manneken Pis with a bigger wardrobe than yours, its Art Nouveau façades, its Atomium and its glittering spheres, its parks, its greenhouses, and its royal gardens are all awaiting you here.


A magical place in the heart of Europe.

The Grand Place is the heart of Brussels and from which it has become a successful mercantile city of northern Europe. Its’ been a marketplace since the 12th century and the Gothic City Hall was built in the 15th century. In the same period, the guilds established themselves in the houses around the Grand Place. After being bombarded by Louis XIV’s troops in 1695, the square was almost entirely rebuilt. The Grand Place was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998. UNESCO sees this square as being “an outstanding example of the eclectic and highly successful blending of architectural and artistic styles that characterizes the culture and society of this region”.

About the City

Brussels is built on a hill which gives it two distinct areas: below is the historic city centre with its commercial activities and gastronomic quarters – Brussels has 138 restaurants per square mile. Also, Europe’s oldest shopping arcade was opened in 1847.

While on the higher ground, mostly government, banking, business and cultural institutions dominate. Here you’ll find the King’s Palace, Parlement, the Justice Palace and many museums and parks.

Top Sights

Congress Column

Grand Place

King's Palace

Farmers' Market

Parc Royal

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The Goralska residence is situated right across the Congress Column, a monumental column situated on the Place du Congrès/Congresplein in Brussels, which commemorates the creation of the Constitution by the National Congress of 1830–1831. It was erected between 1850 and 1859, on the initiative of Charles Rogier, according to a design by Joseph Poelaert, inspired by Trajan’s Column Trajan’s in Rome.

Also nearby, you’ll find La Botanique which is the Cultural Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It was originally built between 1826 and 1829 to house the Royal Horticultural Society of the Netherlands. Today, visitors enjoy concerts and other cultural activities as well as the French-style formal garden laid out in front of the greenhouses and orangery.












Congress Column

At the top of the column is a statue of Belgium’s first monarch King Leopold I Saxe Coburg, Queen Victoria’s uncle.

Its pedestal is surrounded by statues personifying the four freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, while the Belgian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Tomb lies at its foot.

Rue Royale

The seat of power for over a 1000 years, the Rue Royale connects all the important places in the city. Beautiful architecture from classical to art nouveau creates a unique atmosphere for its privileged citizens.


Vibrant by day, exciting by night, Brussels has everything for night owls and their nocturnal escapades: wine bars, beer cellars, cocktail lounges, private clubs, dance halls and discothèques, cinema’s, concert halls, jazz clubs, expat parties, and urban raves. Just go with the flow.

The Best Places Nearby

5 – 10 minutes walk from Goralska

  • Wine Shack – Rue de l’Enseignement 124
  • The Switch – Rue de la Croix de Fer 25
  • Chez Gudule – Treurenberg 9
  • Itaewon – Rue Lesbroussart 49
  • Cobra bar gallery – Rue des Chartreux 1

  • Pastry: Brian Joyeux – Rue du Congrès 3
  • Chocolate: Mary – Rue Royale 73
  • Sandwiches: Paul – Rue de l’Enseignement 124
  • Glacier Bargaello – Place de la Liberté 5

  • Parc Royal – Rue de la Loi
  • Jardin Botanique – Rue Royale
  • Cirque Royal – Rue de l’Enseignement 81
  • Bozar Museum – Rue Ravenstein 23

  • Delhaize – Rue Royale 155
  • Carrefour Express – Rue Royale 179
  • Origin ‘O Ravenstein – Cantersteen 7
  • Butcher Johan Vanderghote Rue de la Croix de Fer 3

  • Police Fédérale – Rue Royale 202 A, 1000 Bruxelles – Phone 02 223 98 11

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