The sprawling Jeu de Balle flea market is a Brussels must-see and the ancient cobbled square is surrounded by many bars packed out with street traders and bargain hunters.

Most are drinking Jupiler, the quaffable local pils, or classic Trappist ales such as Orval and Chimay, served in their own distinctive glass. But La Brocante is a café-bar that stands out for its remarkable craft-beer selection.

The bar rocks at the weekend, with lunchtime jazz and blues concerts, generous platefuls of traditional Brussels grub: don’t miss the “stoemp”, a Belgian take on sausages and mash. And if you are looking for surprises outside the 120 different beers, ask for the passionate young owner, Sébastien de Neef, about his limited-edition seasonal craft beers that he reserves for serious enthusiasts.

La Brocante, 170 Rue Blaes, +32 2 512 1343, no website